The SMDSA has developed a wide range of resources which provide insight and information on regulations, policies, consultations and best practice in healthcare and hygiene waste management. 


The SMDSA code of conduct applies to all members. Read the full text here.

Managing Healthcare Type Waste from Non-Healthcare Activities

This is a guidance document aimed for those managing healthcare type wastes produced at premises that are not considered to be traditional healthcare providers, i.e. police, beauty salons, tattooist, chiropractors etc. It outlines basic legal requirements and helps the reader segregate and manage their waste effectively. It includes handling, packaging and collection information as well as paperwork requirements.

SMDSA Articles of Association

The Articles of Association set out the way the SMDSA functions, and the rules that apply to members.

Defra's Clean Air Zone Framework (May 2017)

Defra’s Clean Air Zone Framework (May 2017)


Here you’ll find definitions for the most commonly used industry acronyms.

EPR 5.07 Clinical Waste Addendum

EPR 5.07 Clinical Waste Addendum

Technical Guidance WM3

This short presentation was given by a member at the SMDSA meeting on 15 April 2015. It highlights the implications of the implementation, by the EA, of WM3 “Guidance on the Classification and Assessment of Waste” in June this year. A copy of the draft guidance document which was issued for consultation can be found here

EA guidance on compaction of offensive waste

EA guidance on compaction of offensive waste