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Defra guidance - importing / exporting waste if there's no Brexit deal

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) has published guidance explaining how the controls for importing and exporting notified waste will change if the UK leaves the EU

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SMDSA H&S Statistics: 2018 Report

Earlier this month, we shared CIWM's article on the importance of H&S statistics to the waste industry. Following on from that, the SMDSA member company statistics from 2018 have been collated

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CIWM Article - importance of H&S statistics to the waste industry

February 2019 - CIWM has published an article on the importance of H&S statistics to the waste industry, written by Toni Gladding (The Open University, Chair of the CIWM H&S SIG, and WISH

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Cross Border Movement of Hazardous Wastes

SEPA has just issued a reminder to the Hazardous Waste Treatment and Transfer Industry Sector Group regarding the cross border movement of hazardous waste.

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Healthcare Waste Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) Updates

The EA has this month issued revised versions of RPS 216 and RPS 217 to reflect minor amendments. They fully replace the original versions.

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