Defra publishes response to the consultation "Improving Air Quality: reducing emissions from medium combustion plants and generators"

Defra has published its summary of responses to the consultation on reducing emissions from Medium Combustion Plants and Generators, which ran between 16 November 2016 and 8 February 2017.

The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) regulates the emissions of SO2, NOx, and dust (and lays down rules for monitoring of CO) and seeks to bridge the gap between larger (>50 MWth) plants that are regulated under the IED, and the smaller appliances (<1 MWth).

A copy of the summary document is available here:

There will be stakeholder workshops in July and August, and the MCPD will be implemented into law in the Autumn.


EA updates haz waste consignee returns spreadsheet

The EA has updated its consignee returns spreadsheet - new mandatory field.

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CIWM launches its H&S campaign "This time it's personal"

In September 2018, CIWM launched it's H&S campaign "This time it's personal". The campaign will run until August 2019 and each month will focus on a particular subject.

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SMDSA responds to EA CCS consultation

On the 17 September the EA opened its consultation on the assessment and scoring of permit compliance

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Defra and Welsh Government - consultation on household waste duty of care

Defra and the Welsh Government have updated guidance on household waste duty of care for English local authorities on issuing fixed penalty notices. This follows on from a consultation in January 2018

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Defra's consultation on tackling waste crime and poor performance in the waste sector is live

Defra’s consultation on tackling waste crime and poor performance in the waste sector is now live.

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